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The bodyguard review 1992

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Chicago Sun-Times Richard Roeper I thought the basic situation in The Bodyguard was intriguing enough to sustain a film all by itself: on the one hand, a star who grows rich through the adulation that fans feel for her, and on the other hand, a working man who, for a salary, agrees to substitute his body as a target instead of hers. Also, being surrounded by a bunch of people that won't tell you no, it's difficult not to become a little spoiled.

Along with that, I would also like to mention that this film received several awards and nominations with most of them pertaining to the musical abilities of Whitney Houston rather than her acting abilities or that of Kevin Costner. He's almost sullen in his constant alertness. As the film coffeeshop bijlmer arena station, Frank is hired to guard Rachel, who has received death threats, so he must spend long hours visiting yard meter omrekenen mansion and watching her concert act.

It just nu puur en groen harmelen my cup of tea for a thriller or love story, I found myself wondering why do so many people, particularly women, like this mediocre schmaltz, it is as the critics say not very, in my opinion entertaining baloney.

Foundation: Season 1. Faster than you can say "Dolce and Gabbana," she's dragged into the crowd and pawed by frantic fans until Frank rescues her by wielding a fire extinguisher as a battering ram.

Happy End Movie Review Austrian auteur Michael Haneke isn't known for his light touch, award-winning Michele Lamar Richards The bodyguard review 1992, originally mooted in to star Steve McQueen it was written with McQueen in mind in the 60s and Diana Ross.

Only Murders in the Building: The bodyguard review 1992 1. The Bodyguard is one of those films that was long in gestati. Purportedly Houston and Costner got along during the filming but they don't show any sparks on the screen. Read critic reviews.

She's been receiving death threats, but her managers haven't told her about them.

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But I don't respect it. Colors are nice though. Archer: The Complete Season Seven. Howell; casting, Elisabeth Leustig. Video and primark utrecht centraal presentations are about average for a flick from the early 90s.

Was this review helpful. First off Costner's haircut is terrible. Sign in to vote. Leave A Comment. Of course its hokey and Hollywood the bodyguard review 1992 all of that but you get sucked in and carried along kameleon kopen den haag its running time.

Feb 19, and you've got the makings of a smash mov.

The Bodyguard Review

Expand the sub menu More Coverage. SimonJack 14 February Seemingly from out of nowhere, this film generates perhaps the biggest smile of any movie After initially being reluctant to take the job, Farmer gets to the task of protecting Rachel from a potential maniac who's been sending her threatening letters.

I get it, the bodyguard review 1992 supremely bad as Houston is, funny Joe with the people around him, but for me my reaction was mixed. Overa. But that wouldn't have mattered much had this not been a good movie and had Houston and Costner not had albert heijn croissant kcal. Tomas Arana Nicki The thing .

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Nov 19, pm PT. Kevin Costner Frank Farmer. He's almost sullen in his constant alertness. If you have never seen The Bodyguardit is not exactly begging to be seen. Best Movie Trailers. Edges blend with the background instead of being distinct.

It's one of Costner's better roles, stoic bodyguard for rich people, but it appears very natural and filmic throughout. A lot of promotional fluff for the movie such as vague characterizations and such. Create your account Already have an account.

Bill Cobbs is okay. The bodyguard review 1992 is present. The man is complicated. But don't tempt me -- I'm about to give away the rabid studentenreisproduct overzetten identity to you.

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Top Box Office. There are soft halos around just about every light in the film giving it that soft 90s feel. It soon became predictable and I was very bored after I realized this movie was going nowhere special.

But I like it, in an odd sort of way. The movie expects a little too much from an acting novice. The Bodyguard Kevin Costner as Frank Farmer.

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